Heal your mind and soul

  • Is Dr Copeland a Child/adolescent psychiatrist?
  • Can Dr. Copeland do an evaluation that is comprehensive that will help me understand myself or my child and will this also be a medical evaluation?
    Yes and Yes
  • How long does it take to get a new patient appointment?
    Generally 4-6 weeks.
  • How long is the initial and follow up appointments?
    The initial appointment is usually about an hour and follow up appointments are routinely 15-30 minutes.
  • Does Dr. Copeland like to work with others on my or my childs treatment team? Is he willing to involve others that are currently involved in my or my childs care?
    Yes. He believes in the strength of collaboration and cooperation to help his patients
  • What is Dr. Copeland like as a person?
    Friendly, likes using humor in his work, married now over 40 years to a great life partner and fellow physician, with two children now adults who are happy in their own skins. He is very “no non-sense” in his approach to complex psychological/emotional/relational/spiritual problem solving. He looks at what behaviors, emotions and life dilemmas are interfering with peak or well-balanced living and then works in a highly collaborative, gentle, and non-invasive way to improve overall functionality, self-satisfaction and contentment. Highly focused on a positive outcome from the very beginning. Very grounded in the value of simplicity and strength of an uneventful and enjoyable day. Believes in the value of those around him being assertive, strong, and capable.
  • If I want to reach dr Copeland once I am a patient, is it difficult?
    No, once a patient, a HIPPA compliant e mail account is opened up which allows for inclusion of all communications to be fully integrated into the web-based electronic health record. Dr. Copeland will respond same day to all e mails sent him. In addition, during office hours, his highly efficient office manager, Shena Williams, who is very kind and personable, will take a message and have access to him. If it is after hours, the VOIP phone system is set up to send a message as an audio file to Dr Copeland’s iPhone instantly.
  • Are we an emergency facility?
    No. We are not an emergency facility. If an established patient thinks they have a mental health or psychiatric emergency after hours, they are instructed to call 911 or go to their nearest emergency room.
  • Once I am an established patient, if I think I need to be seen sooner than my next scheduled appt, is this possible?
    Yes, definitely. Dr Copeland and his patient work out during their appointment when the next appointment should occur and the patient then makes an appt as they leave. If it is necessary to get in sooner, all the patient needs to do is call and request it. If necessary, we can generally get an established patient in, on such a basis, within a day or two.
  • If Dr Copeland prescribes medication do I need to worry about running out of medication before my next appointment?
    No. Dr. Copeland will always give sufficient medication to carry his patients to their next appt. if a patient loses their medication on a vacation he can send pretty much anywhere in the US for enough to get the patient through.
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