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We offer complete psychiatric services in a complete remote environment. Dr. Copeland has expertise in the evaluation and treatment of psychiatric conditions including PTSD, anxiety, dissociation, depression, ADHD, Autism, and schizophrenia. We emphasize compassion, caring, and comprehensive capability in work with children, adolescents, and adults with special needs that are disabled and worthy of kindness and competent compassion. We also work with war veterans and victims of senseless crimes and violence.

Dr. Copeland treats all mental health disorders, promotes mental well-being and is concerned with your overall health and wellness. Dr. Copland emphasizes all elements of good mental health. His expertise lies at the interface of mind, body, and behavior and he is extremely well versed in therapy and coaching techniques.

Dr. Paul Copeland's specialties include child, adolescent, adult, and family psychiatry.

He is committed to providing each person the care they need to achieve their personal well-being. He understands that the process of seeking mental health assistance can produce anxiety. It is our mission to make communication with our office comforting and helpful to our patients and their families. We welcome everyone seeking to heal their mind and soul.


Psychotherapy is a systematic treatment method in which, during regularly scheduled meetings, the psychiatrist and patient discuss troubling problems and feelings. The physician helps clients understand the basis of these problems and find solutions.


Medication Management includes prescribing medication, and the initial evaluation of the client's need for psychotropic medications, the provision of a prescription, and, as-needed, ongoing medical monitoring/evaluation related to the patient’s use of the psychotropic medication.


Psychotherapy treats mental health problems by talking with a psychiatrist, psychologist or other mental health provider. Clients learn about their condition and moods, feelings, thoughts and behaviors. Psychotherapy helps clients learn how to take control of their life and respond to challenging situations with healthy coping skills.

COPAYS & NO SHOWS: All copays and fees are due at the time of service. Please know that there is a $200 no-show fee for appointments that are no-shows or cancelled without a 24-hour notice. This fee will need to be collected before you schedule your next appoitnemtent or with a payment source you have on file.

PAPERWORK AND FORM/LETTER FEES: Please note that all paperwork (copies of records, letters, EDD, SSI, NHS, etc.…) may take up to 14 business day before completion from our office. There will be a $25 processing fee plus $0.25 per page for copies of your chart. This is not part of your insurance so we cannot bill your insurance for this process. Forms are $5 per page and letters are $30.

AFTER HOUR EMERGENCY CALLS: We are not an emergency facility, so if you are having a psychiatric emergency please call 911 or go to your nearest hospital right away. We cannot make emergency appointments.

FOLLOW UP APPOINTMENTS AND MEDICATION REFILLS: It is the responsibility of the patient/parent/caregiver to schedule follow ups with the office according to Dr. Copeland’s recommendations at the last visit. Medication refills will be denied without a follow up appointment scheduled.

OFFICE STAFF HAS NO CONTROL OVER WHEN THE DOCTOR WILL BE DONE WITH EACH SESSION, SO PLEASE BE KIND TO OUR STAFF REGARDING THIS MATTER. If you feel that the wait time is too long, you are more than welcome to reschedule for the next available appointment.



Dr. Paul Copeland has passion and drive to provide the best care possible, a trait imparted on him by his mother from a young age. He is a father and family man — his children describe him as “very normal for a psychiatrist” — and seeks to treat each and every patient as one of his own, and patterns his care around the strengths of each individual patient. As an alum of the University of California and the University of Iowa, Dr. Copeland has pursued the best avenues of education to bring his passion to fruition with every patient he works with, no matter the emotional or mental health problem, Dr. Copeland will demonstrate the understanding, compassion, and insight with all the necessary tool, skills, and ideas to make a meaningful impact on each individual patient. His extensive experience and broad knowledge, coupled with the training and skill set of a seasoned professional, allows him to provide insight into mental health issues impacting people of all ages.


Practice Manager

Shawna oversees daily office operations, processes payments as well as payment plans, works closely with Dr. Copeland and patients to ensure a through visit. Shawna comes with over 15 years office administrative experience and more than 8 years office management experience. Graduated for medical office in 2001 with a Medical Office Diploma with the goal of helping keep people healthy and informed. She has a strong background of insurance verification and knowledge, operations management, and exceptional organization. Shawna’s passion is helping youth and managing little league baseball as well as spending time with her family.


Admistrative Assistant

Breanna comes to us with over 2 years in the medical field as a medical assistant. She graduated with perfect attendance and honor roll from National Career Education. Breanna has been in the psychiatric field since graduation. She is beyond hard working, very motivated, and determined to help our patients with their needs. She handles scheduling, medication refill request, and general office duties in assistance to Dr. Copeland and Shawna. We are very lucky to have Breanna join us, she has a wonderful personality and a great attitude each and every day! When Breanna is not busy with us she enjoys watching tv and hanging out with her family.

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Are we an emergency facility?

No. We are not an emergency facility. If an established patient thinks they have a mental health or psychiatric emergency after hours, they are instructed to call 911 or go to their nearest emergency room.

Does Dr Copeland do remote visits?

Yes, we are a completely remote office – you have the option of ZOOM, Facetime, or by phone (once established).

Once I am an established patient, if I think I need to be seen sooner than my next scheduled appt, is this possible?

We will do our best to get you in on the next available appointment however, as COVID-19 has affected so many people we are scheduling out about a month.

What is Dr. Copeland like?

Friendly, likes using humor in his work, married now almost 50 years to a great life partner and fellow physician, with two children now adults who are happy in their own skins. He is very “no non-sense” in his approach to complex psychological/emotional/relational/spiritual problem solving. He looks at what behaviors, emotions and life dilemmas are interfering with peak or well-balanced living and then works in a highly collaborative, gentle, and non-invasive way to improve overall functionality, self-satisfaction and contentment. Highly focused on a positive outcome from the very beginning. Very grounded in the value of simplicity and strength of an uneventful and enjoyable day. Believes in the value of those around him being assertive, strong, and capable.
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