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We offer complete psychiatric services in a complete remote environment. Dr. Copeland has expertise in the evaluation and treatment of psychiatric conditions including PTSD, anxiety, dissociation, depression, ADHD, Autism, and schizophrenia. We emphasize compassion, caring, and comprehensive capability in work with children, adolescents, and adults with special needs that are disabled and worthy of kindness and competent compassion. We also work with war veterans and victims of senseless crimes and violence.

Dr. Copeland treats all mental health disorders, promotes mental well-being and is concerned with your overall health and wellness. Dr. Copland emphasizes all elements of good mental health. His expertise lies at the interface of mind, body, and behavior and he is extremely well versed in therapy and coaching techniques.

Dr. Paul Copeland's specialties include child, adolescent, adult, and family psychiatry.

He is committed to providing each person the care they need to achieve their personal well-being. He understands that the process of seeking mental health assistance can produce anxiety. It is our mission to make communication with our office comforting and helpful to our patients and their families. We welcome everyone seeking to heal their mind and soul.