Are we an emergency facility?

No. We are not an emergency facility. If an established patient thinks they have a mental health or psychiatric emergency after hours, they are instructed to call 911 or go to their nearest emergency room.

Does Dr Copeland do remote visits?

Yes, we are a completely remote office – you have the option of ZOOM, Facetime, or by phone (once established).

Once I am an established patient, if I think I need to be seen sooner than my next scheduled appt, is this possible?

We will do our best to get you in on the next available appointment however, as COVID-19 has affected so many people we are scheduling out about a month.

What is Dr. Copeland like?

Friendly, likes using humor in his work, married now almost 50 years to a great life partner and fellow physician, with two children now adults who are happy in their own skins. He is very “no non-sense” in his approach to complex psychological/emotional/relational/spiritual problem solving. He looks at what behaviors, emotions and life dilemmas are interfering with peak or well-balanced living and then works in a highly collaborative, gentle, and non-invasive way to improve overall functionality, self-satisfaction and contentment. Highly focused on a positive outcome from the very beginning. Very grounded in the value of simplicity and strength of an uneventful and enjoyable day. Believes in the value of those around him being assertive, strong, and capable.